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PayPal login  :-  It is the key to its users to operate their PayPal account. Users can access PayPal on the web and various digital devices. PayPal login is the way to create an account and access the app for accessing various services provided by PayPal.

PayPal login

PayPal login

What is PayPal:

It is one of the most popular online payment services right now in the market. When you sign up on this platform, you get access to various services provided by PayPal. PayPal login is required to log into the account and access the service. It is a service which enables their users to pay, send and accept the payments.

Advantages of Using PayPal:

After signing up through the PayPal login you get to access the long list of services. PayPal is a fast and easy way to pay and shop online. PayPal offers the following seven benefits:

  • Speed- PayPal offers Instant transfers between sellers and buyers. Within 24 hours the amount is transferred from PayPal account to the bank account
  • Flexibility for sellers- It is very easy and quick service for even the small volume of users.
  • Affordability- PayPal is very affordable compared to its compatriots in the market. It charges 30% per transaction and 3% is added to the total amount of the transaction.
  • Safety in Buying- The transaction process between seller and buyer is safe. Also it checks the authenticity of the product before selling it to the customer.
  • Account Privacy- PayPal is secure when it comes to the account protection of its users. They make sure the information and data of their customers are safe.
  • Acceptance Online- PayPal login is the basic method of payment on multiple shopping websites. Also for sending and receiving money PayPal works online.
  • Ease of record keeping- Users can anytime access their history because the records kept by PayPal goes back to the date the account is opened.
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Creating a PayPal account:

To sign in into your PayPal account; Go to the sign in page of the PayPal and enter your username and the account is thus created. Thereby your PayPal login will give the user access to the service provided by PayPal.

PayPal login

Growth of PayPal:

Founded in 1998 by the name of Confinity, PayPal had its IPO’s in 2002, and became a wholly subsidiary of eBay later in that year itself. eBay spin out with PayPal in 2015. The company was ranked 222nd on Fortune 500 charts of the largest corporations by revenue in the United States. As of 2019 PayPal has 277 million active registered accounts and it operates in 202 markets. PayPal holds 25 different currencies and allows the user to send receive money worldwide.

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PayPal won multiple awards in various domains like Best Company Perks and benefits, Best company compensation, Best CEO’s for women, etc.

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PayPal login is an easy and fast way of creating and accessing the PayPal account to get instant access to various services provided by the company. With the worldwide presence of PayPal working across various domains the PayPal login is really important to access the service and reap the benefits of various quality services provided by PayPal.

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