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Gmail login :- Google developed a free email service named Gmail in 2004. Gmail login is thus used to log into the Gmail account and access the service. Users can access Gmail on the web and various digital devices. Gmail login is the way to create an account and access the app for personal as well as business purposes.

Gmail login

Gmail login

What is Gmail:

It is one of the most popular webmail services right now in the market. When you sign up on this platform, you get access to various services provided by Google. Google login is required to log into the account and access the service.

Advantages of Gmail:

After signing up through the Gmail login you get to access the long list of services, not just Gmail. The most commonly used services are:

  • Google drive: This service is provided to create spreadsheets, documents, and even slideshow presentations using a free library of cloud-based office applications. The user also gets lots of space to store all the files.
  • Google maps: This mobile-based app helps you to find the directions and navigate the traffic, satellite views, user photos of places and even more. Google maps can also be used for exploring the solar system.
  • YouTube: The Gmail login gives access to all the free features that are available on YouTube.
  • Google Contacts: We can Sync all our contacts across our email, all Google services and even our phone.
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Creating a Gmail account:

To sign in into your Gmail account; Go to the sign in page of the Gmail and enter your username and password and thus account is created. Thereby your Gmail login will be accessible to you for accessing the service of Google products.

The Gmail Inbox:

The Gmail inbox is by default sorted into three tabs. But if the email contains social and promotional activity, those will be sorted into social or promotional tabs respectively.

Growth of Gmail:

In June 2012, Google declared that Gmail had 425 million active users worldwide. In May 2015, Google announced that Gmail had 900 million active users, out of which 75% of users were using the service on mobile phones. In Feb 2016 the Gmail users crossed 1 billion marks worldwide.

In the business sector, many Fortune 500 companies use Gmail for their business purposes and most of the professional work worldwide happens on Gmail.

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In September 2016, Forbes declared Gmail to be the best webmail service for small business. Also in 2005, Gmail was ranked second in PC World’s “100 best products of 2005” behind Mozilla Firefox.


Gmail login is an easy and fast way of creating and logging into multiple platforms. With the worldwide presence of Gmail working across various domains the Gmail login is really important to access the service and reap the benefits of various quality products provided by Google.

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